Intelli-Restroom solutions built to refresh experiences

Leading connected solutions for restroom, toilets and wet-room amenities

We leverage digital to make restrooms more likable and manageable


Hygieia smart restrooms are measurable


Intuitive tools to help you create actionables


Track and address restroom frustration points


Clear information elevates user experiences

70% of visitors state unclean restrooms leave a a negative perception of the venue

Perceived uncleanliness

Overflowing trash, insufficient cleaning, lingering odor

Presence of frustration points

Queues, wet-floors, lack of restroom supplies

Lack of tools

Improper management and neglect of restroom experiences

Hygieia helps you realign your restroom services in the hygiene sensitive new normal

An ecosystem that helps you efficiently manage restroom and wet-room facilities

Promote public hygiene, green initiatives and safeguard visitor well-being

Optimize processes, make tasks accountable and reduce resource wastage

Our Clients

Built with In-house technologies

Hygieia leverages in-house innovations to build the best-in-class smart restroom solutions

Sensor Compatibility

The most comprehensive line-up of sensors

Unmatched Flexibility

Wired or wireless, on-site or cloud based. No limitations

Data at a glance. Improve user experience.

We connect data to improve information access and usage convenience

Measurable Data

Understand restroom usage, get notified of anomalies

Presentable Information

Clarity for your visitors, optimise restroom demand

Comprehensive tools to help you manage everything

Hygieia offers intuitive tools to let your monitor, control and manage your smart restrooms with ease

When to Act

Proactive insights to address restroom issues

Be Green

Save cost, save energy, save the planet

We design, develop and integrate Hygieia

At Hygieia, we have a multi-disciplinary team to deliver the best integration for you. From design, engineering to installation. We handle them all. Contact us for our pricing and learn more.

Learn how we can help you implement Hygieia at your venue

Unlimited Online Support

We handle everything from behind the scenes

Transparent Pricing

Streamlined pricing. No hidden costs, ever

Trusted by Leaders

From 1 to 100s of restrooms. We are truly scalable