Hygieia Features

Discover what makes us the leading smart restroom solution for any people-centric property

Retail Properties

Shopping malls, outlets

Commercial Offices

Office complex, workspaces


Airports, train, bus stations


Tourist destinations, stadiums


Education, research entities


Connected Technologies

We are pioneers in connected sensory networks for restroom facilities

Sensors & Actuators

We install a myriad of sensors to help you track, measure and make sense of what is going on in your restrooms.

Hygieia Gateway

We use our proprietary gateway with mixed connectivity. From LoRaWAN, Bluetooth to Wifi, we connect them all.

Platform Cloud

We process and help you understand big data. Along with software tools to help you manage based on insight.


Our Key Advantages

We have the unique capability to deliver what others cannot

Address both sides of the story

We can better serve both your visitors and your people

End User Oriented Design

Hygieia caters for all restroom types. Male, Disabled and many others

Measure Everything, Act on Anything

You cannot improve what you cannot measure. Let us help you change this

No Design Compromises

We take the extra step to ensure Hygieia aligns with your aesthetics


Restroom Usage

From general occupancy to the usage of individual stalls. Hygieia tracks restroom usage with absolute privacy

Hygieia leverages a multi-modal approach to provide the best in class accuracy for Presence sensing around your restrooms

Cubical Door Sensors

Count cubicle usage with door open and close sensing. Measure usage duration when closed and vacant duration when open. Comes in wired and wireless variations. With veiled colors

Door Lock Sensor

We couple door lock sensing and presence sensing to ensure we count cubicle usage accurately. It can also become a cheap alternative to presence sensors

Urinal Infrared

We track urinal usage and frequencies in male restrooms. Wired or wireless devices. Recessed installation or retrofit for existing restrooms

Cubical Presence

Detect presence within each restroom cubicle. Get notified if extended presence/anomalies occurs. Measure cubicle usage number and duration. Automate with data


Track Supplies

Never let your supplies run out or eliminate visitor frustrations

Learn when restroom supplies are running low or when waste bin levels require attention. Assign tasks and track fulfillment, make sure your restrooms are stocked and ready for your visitors

Paper Towel & Toilet Roll Sensor

Our paper towel and toilet roll sensor can be fitted in most enclosures. Hygieia notifies operators when stock is running low. Ensure supplies are always available to your restroom users

Waste Bin Level Sensor

Waste bin sensor is fitted under waste bin beneath all restroom counters and shelves. The sensor notifies when waste bin is close to fill to ensure bin is emptied

Soap Level Sensor

Soap level sensor detects insufficient load and sends a signal to the dashboard and on-site tracker to notify a refill. Our platform records usage and refills automatically

Automated Sanitary Bins

Infrared sensing for contact-less opening and closing of sanitary bins. Waste level sensing available. Leverage enclosed UV to sanitize any issue points

UV Toilets

Maximise hygiene with a concealed UV light integrated with the toilet cover. Completely automated with safety features.


Monitor Consumption

Keep track of environmental and consumption data in real-time

Energy Sensor

Measure lighting and hand dryer electricity consumption. Learn when are the peak restroom hours. Control lights remotely. We provide various possibilities

Water Consumption

Plumbing and water used for flushing can also be tracked. We help you understand water consumption and identify potential methods to improve sustainability

Faucet Flow Sensor

Track faucet use and water flow with our faucet sensors at your Hygieia restroom. We provide actionable insights to address sustainability initiatives

Measurable and Controllable Socket

Connect, control and automate your restroom devices remotely. Leverage sensors to activate devices. E.g. Switch on floor dryers when wet-floor is detected


Detect Issues

The smell and humidity is often the first thing visitors notice when they visit a restroom. We help you keep your restroom fresh by measuring air quality as an index score

From water leaks, odor to wet floors; we notify you of problems that require an immediate response

Air quality dictates perceived cleanliness

Hygieia utilise our proprietary all-in-one air and environmental sensor to detect air quality and anomalies. Detect temperature, humidity, Ammonia, NO, SO2, CO2, smoke and other odors

Water Leakage Sensor

Water sensor placed at drainage to detect water leaks, wet floors and clogged pipes. Leverage our pipe flow sensor to detect other water usages at your smart restroom


Clarity For Your Visitors

Make your restroom data available and accessible anywhere to maximise convenience

From magic mirror to small form displays. Leverage signage in your restroom spaces

Beyond Restroom Information
Show restroom etiquette tips, venue information and even shop promotions. Signage adds versatility

Higher Conversion
Restrooms are one of the rare spaces that captures more translatable impressions

No Awkward knocks, avoid knocking with LED indicators showing stall occupancy

Indicate cubicle occupancy with connected lights. Programable colors to fit your aesthetics. E.g. Light red for occupied, white or green for available

Let visitors know where else to go when crowding, queuing occurs.

Integrate smart restroom information with wayfinding kiosks and even visitor mobile applications of your venue

Cutting-edge LIDAR

Lidar powers a set of beams to detect human presence and movement. Our technology has triple the accuracy and speed of traditional radar sensing

Provide clear information about the restroom environment and help manage expectations.

Show your smart restroom information appropriately on signage endpoints at your venue or outside each restroom.


We can leverage multiple tracking types Lidar, wifi, Bluetooth, and infrared. To create real-time queue time estimations


Hygieia Platform

Intuitive tools for your people to track, manage and operate smart restrooms

Hygieia lets you understand your restrooms better with actionable insights. Know when re-stock delays occur, cleaning performance, anticipate usage spikes, manpower deficiencies and many others.

Hygieia Dashboard

For your Operators to visualize restroom data, notify them of things that require attention. Provide intuitive tools to help them arrange cleaning, maintenance, and other operations

Hygieia Task Tracker

For your workers a task tracker that can be used immediately, minimal learning required. Let workers see tasks assigned and clear completed tasks with ease

With proper management and proactive maintenance. Smart Restroom let your people focus on what matters most. Ensuring cleanliness and maintaining visitor satisfaction

Adapt Efficiently

Keep track of restroom usage, increase or decrease cleaning frequency dynamically

Optimize Manpower

Easily batch tasks and fulfil them together. Improve efficiency and reduce manpower

Reduce Waste

Clear data helps you adopt Just-in-time operations. Never over-stock or under-stock

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Unlimited Online Support

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Transparent Pricing

Streamlined pricing. No hidden costs, ever

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